Tuesday , March 21 2023

Luciana Salazar complained about noise superklassiċi and Twitter "liquidated"


Between the repercussions of & # 39; the scandal of the cancellation of Saturday Superclassic, there was a tweet by Luciana Salazar raised controversy.

The star & # 39; & # 39 before live in; NUNZI and complained about the noise that is heard throughout the game & # 39; previously, which generated several criticisms.

"It is enough for God, stops listening & # 39; a shooting in my neighborhood, my daughter crying out loud, I feel I'm in the territory of war", he said. The message had 1594 likes and almost 500 responses, most ikkritikawha.

"I'm going #Miami plan," "Buenaaaaaaa not even Afghanistan, take touch", "to Twitter and take care of your daughter", "call the maid to hold it in her arms and Calme", ​​"if you within the territory of war, imagine those living in the suburbs & # 39; Buenos Aires? "24/7 Let be known, a & # 39; regret what is happening but not one day of the year, not only in & # 39; River-Boca ", were some of the negative comments received.

In addition to complaints about noise, the ex-girlfriend & # 39; Martn Redrado criticized the incident and even told the G20 meeting to be held on Friday 30.

"We Argentina shame! Not a game in peace, it misfortunes, had a major final is and as always ends up being a role, crying because every time I see my country away from everything." Consequences & # 39; bad policies & # 39 ; years and years. "This does not change more," he says. And close "X & # 39; ll be the 19 next representative in the world & # 39; these days thinking in & # 39; this moment?".

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