Sunday , June 26 2022

Luck & # 39; bettor: found 7.5 million dollars in & # 39; abandoned warehouse just acquired 500


Played by the United States are lucky found $ 7.5 million in & # 39; abandoned store for only 500. He did this under the popular television program run by this Dotson, Figure of reality "Who gives more?" ( "Wars of Storage" in English). The cycle deals with sales & # 39; places to store things that have already been captured or are required by their original owners.

The star of the program commented that person – whose identity is kept in reserve – had to find the second because the first locksmith could not open the box where it was hidden surprise. "Inside the box – usually are empty but not this time – there were 7.5 million dollars in cash," added Dotson This video posted on Facebook and YouTube.

Having found the money, Dotson said that the original deposit owners have contacted the new owner through his lawyer to offer 600 thousand dollars and then 1.2 million dollars to return the money found in the strong box

The new owners of deposit accepted a second offer from the original owners and accepted 1.2 million dollars in exchange for giving the money remaining, leading to a real debate between this Dotson and his wife Laura about what formed to meet a similar situation. Those who invested 500 dollars deposit did not know x & # 39; were going to find, took Final profit & # 39; $ 1.4995 million.

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