Tuesday , March 28 2023

MACRI asked the mayors not to spend more than they



President Mauricio MACRI asked community leaders to "be responsible" and "do not spend more than what they have", and also asked them not to generate "distortive taxes" on businesses and local industries.

The head & # 39; State, when he spoke before the municipal leaders to participate in the Second National Forum & # 39; the Intendenti Center of the city Exhibitions & # 39; Buenos Aires, urged them to "make responsible governance", which means "do not spend more than they have" why "is not the same to make things whether or made them as always, through the trap and direct access ".

F & # 39; this plan, accompanied by the Minister of Interior, Public Works and National Housing, Rogelio Frigerio, meeting organizer, MACRI also said that "is nneħħew something that made us believe in & # 39; the last decades: that there were no public budgetary and statistical information, things have to tap and at the end of the day it was not important whether the objectives have been met or not "

On the other hand, said that "the political parties have outstanding debt, and to say to women, since 2300 municipalities, only 120 managed by women, and the truth is that they are few, and we need more "when addressing communal leaders.

Among those who attended the event which was attended by all officers of the national cabinet, was the mayor of the capital city, Norma Fuentes. Also his colleague from the city & # 39; La Banda, Pablo Mirolo.

The Intendent Norma Fuentes participated b & # 39; actively in various workshops given by national officials as Andrés Ibarra (Deputy Chief of Staff); Rogelio Frigerio (Minister & # 39; Home); Sergio Bergman (Secretary of the Environment and Sustainable Development).

In addition, he shares the realities with municipalities across the country, allowing the sharing of & # 39; knowledge and experiences.

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