Monday , November 29 2021

major release of & # 39; Veronica Lozano for the case of a prosecutor accused of child abuse – 04/12/2018


The event & # 39; Rodrigo Eguillor exploded in the air Veronica Lozano. When analyzing the issue of child prosecutor Paula Martínez Castro is accused of various cases & # 39; sexual abuse, the driver was outraged.

in Corta Por Lozano (Telefe, Monday to Friday at 2: 30 p.m.), while speaking with & # 39; the sister complained to 24 years, Veronica asked to speak and made a strong denial.

"They reach out to all media, go to & # 39; everything was against our production company, is threatening (for the dissemination of the video which appears to be struggling with & # 39; wife). I say. Perdija me if you punish me. Because we can not tolerate these guys are the shit itself. We can not tolerate more, Eguillor, whatever fly yourself, "she said indignantly.

And continued: "They kill us, kill us and they put us fire. Do you believe that because you stiedenni to eat a hot dog, I have sex with you. No, my love. I do not want, do not ngħidek. The worst thing is that many girls put & # 39; KOLT, rape & # 39 ;. We are all crazy? It & # 39; s crazy! "B & # 39; reference to various situations & # 39; violence against women.

The reaction & # 39; Veronica Lozano had many repercussions, Mainly in & # 39; social networks, which quickly became a trend. Beyond criticism for its explosion, in the majority of most messages were & # 39; support for his attitude toward what happened.

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