Sunday , June 26 2022

Maradona, Furi because Superfinal played in Spain: But what we, all MACRI?


maradona CONMEBOL liberators firing

"For this Alejandro Domínguez: S & # 39; is the hell do I see if my family want to go see a game & # 39; Boca River and I take it in & # 39; Madrid? But & # 39; they are, all MACRI?Know x & # 39; are the costs? I put security and made it into court & # 39; Velez"Paid against the head of & # 39; the highest football body & # 39; t the America & # 39; South.

Do you agree with the resolution …

"In fact, they are the scourge of football. They are not qualified for the job, crazy," said the radio statements. "M & # 39; have to fuck me that Dominguez will be talking about the football world. M & # 39; have to say that Chiqui Tapia, who has more dewlap from Gordo Porcel, will speak about football," he charged .

"Tell girls from River and coach, I have great respect for them, not a situation to live in the flesh, is he? Because tomorrow when the river wants to go to Boca, as do to enter?, Gallardo? How enter the River players? Why still insist on pepper gas if the gas Boca pepper closed the ass and they were champions?"He warned.

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