Saturday , June 25 2022

Marcelo Gallardo revealed why he founded the five serial penalties young Julián Álvarez


Passed by a bitter taste in the mouth for elimination in the Cup semifinal against Argentina Gimnasia La Plata, Marcelo Gallardo tried to do something positive from the match played Del Mar Plata. And one of the issues which had highlighted the participation of & # 39; Julián Álvarez.

The front man is one of the jewels that doll. This is the level & # 39; coach confidence, that last night in the stadium José María Minella he entrusted it with the responsibility to execute the last sentence of the series & # 39; five.

River was forced to convert to extend one single definition. Alvarez, b & # 39; serene face, opened his right foot and left no chance to Alexis Martin Arias, who announced himself on the other side.

"It's a guy who has thoroughly evolving and I want to be close so I can & # 39; I live these experiences, I constellation punishment because it is a player that has a hierarchy and a week ago he rebaħtni expulsion & # 39; penalties ", Confirmed DT.

And he concluded: "I had faith that I have no problem grabbing & # 39; that responsibility and started very well".

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