Wednesday , March 22 2023

Marcelo Gallardo: "We can not we play the game if players & # 39; Boca were injured"


The River coach, Marcelo Gallardo, spoke after the postponement of the match and said that all those who were going to study in the Super Final of the Copa Libertadores are "at a & # 39; boredom"After the accident occurred in the vicinity of the Monumental stadium and said he was" total embarrassment. "

"We are all in a state of & # 39; sadness because Football party was expected and finished a total embarrassment"He said:" We hope that tomorrow we can we play the game in & # 39; normal conditions'

"What would be a football party ended a shame. We were in the world and unfortunately we ended up as we completed ', Probably Doll.

In dialogue with & # 39; Fox Sports, Gallardo said: "We could not play the game if players & # 39; Boca were damaged, if not f & # 39; normal conditions, do not want." And, in & # 39; this regard, continued: "From the first moment the situation with għaddejtx from normal lanes. In four of & # 39; afternoon said that not doing soBut b & # 39; clearly not decided. The organizers have been meeting with the presidents of clubs and we all waited without work we & # 39; is going. "

Gallardo, very clear.
Gallardo, very clear.

Meanwhile, he commented: "We hope that tomorrow we can live the party got fogged up today". As the song says, the show will continue and we, who are the protagonists, unfortunately we have to be on the stage as we. And I want to clarify something: it is not the end of the world, is the final Copa Libertadores de América. "

Finally, he closed: "The episode leaves in today & # 39; & # 39 evidence of our fingers, what is happening to us as a society. Again & # 39 others; we are exposed. It seems the final held for a year. Unfortunately there are people, and there is little, because almost everything that ittebbtu 60 thousand people were bankrupt seven & # 39; hours as champions at the stadium. "

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