Tuesday , March 21 2023

Marcelo Tinelli: "I feel close to people who have less and need more"


Marcelo Tinelli He talked about the possibility of a candidate for political office in 2019. Without excluding the possibility, emphasized that the driver does not know if they arrive with the times when the election dates coincide with his work project.

"It is something that I do not particularly want. What I can say is if my working hours coincide with the political times ", He kept the driver in front of the camera Involved.

When asked to what political party has been identified which, Tinelli was clear in his thinking. "My grandfather was a radical and Peronist my old, I come from a strange family, today, seems to define late match. Today the most important thing is to solve people's problems. I believe that anyone can & # 39; is not because they have brand & # 39; political party, "he said.

"It seems to me that the most important thing is people can really change people's lives. I do not think represented by one or the other. Today that yes I feel that is close to people who have less and are most needed in & # 39; this country"Cut & # 39; driver.

(Video: Involved, America)

"It was very good and we are very proud of it. The courage to be is what Cande always welcome good and what I admire most about. I love We għexuha b & # 39; great eagerness and excitement with all the "family, concluded Marcelo Tinelli.

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