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Martín Ocampo, the outsider who was in cabinet & # 39; Larreta under the shade & # 39; angelic

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Some officials saw it as
outsider bonaerju of government, minister cabinet was different & # 39; Horacio Rodríguez Larreta personality of his "special". They denied the political tension or struggle in search, but in Uspallata was flying on a fight with the minister of justice and security & # 39; Buenos Aires,

Martín Ocampo

, The kidney & # 39; Daniel angelic. Until today, when
announced his resignation, following criticism last weekend operation in the vicinity of & # 39; River Stadium, in the preview & # 39; superclásico still m & # 39; is dated.

Radical & # 39; pedigree, Ocampo was attorney general of City and had seven bank Pro & # 39; years in the Legislature & # 39; Buenos Aires to reach the cabinet Larreta management. Always under the shade & # 39;
Angelic president & # 39; Boca Juniors, a friend & # 39; Mauricio MACRI and "omnipresent" operator oficialismo-, which is closely linked falsified when they were members of the UCR 30 years ago.

In management & # 39; Larreta, are denied Ocampo worked with & # 39; any autonomy or enjoyed some licenses
its proximity to "El Tano". But in private they accepted that more internal noise generated by other ministers in & # 39; team that is populated by officials with technical profile and little experience in the political arena. "The others are more homogeneous, it is more political", minister argued. Another member of the Executive & # 39; Buenos Aires called a metaphor to describe what caused the head of the portfolio of Justice and Security in the cabinet: "If we all gray wear in & # 39; party and one comes from Colorado, will be a little more pointed, but this does not mean that the guy does not enjoy or dance with us. "

Ocampo was head & # 39; the warmer area & # 39; administration & # 39; Larreta and answer the question that generates concern among the locals: security. At the beginning of & # 39; his administration, was one of those charged with carrying out the transfer of the Federal Police to the City, cutting measure for Pro, which occurred with the arrival of & # 39; MACRI in the Casa Rosada. There are those in the Executive & # 39; Buenos Aires considered that a large number of & # 39; meetings held by Ocampo to adjust the details of the transfer of jurisdiction agents & # 39; Buenos Aires were generated sparks.

In the Ministry of Justice and Security was not much respects. They considered that the level of & # 39; in the Cabinet conflict & # 39; Buenos Aires was "low" and that there were only discussions & # 39; "rigor" by management. They recognized that the transfer stage was "difficult", but stressed that Ocampo managed to overcome b & # 39; success. A leader who knows the heart of the dynamics of the portfolio of Justice and Security ensures that the former Attorney General of the City handled more external than internal tensions. "He was balancing on a team where there were people from Sergio Massa, Martín Lousteau … And it is not easy to carry out the transfer of police: the security forces democratization will take years."

Besides who was in charge of the complicated process of transferring the Federal Police for the city, Ocampo last days & # 39; bad weather in the first year & # 39; management
taking & # 39; the police station 38 ° & # 39; Flowers after the death of & # 39; Brian Aguinaco; the event & # 39; former Chief of Police of the City, José Potočari; and
The pickets repeated in the center of & # 39; Buenos Aires MACRI to put in & # 39; bad heart.

Within cabinet characterized by a low profile – although Larreta want the ministers begin to have more visibility in the media to show their management in the city – the former Minister of Justice and Security was further extruded. He used to intervene in the Cabinet meetings on a & # 39; & # 39 by Wednesday, comments or jokes that changed the rest of the team & # 39; Larreta.

Armored than angelic?

At the headquarters of & # 39; Parque Patricio, was flying on the idea that Ocampo was kind & # 39; protective halo for
its link with & # 39; angelic. As the city administration rejected b & # 39; emphasis: "Nobody is mounted in & # 39; this government and we have already weraha." The owner & # 39; portfolio observed: "He called attention to the ribs and counted the same way as everyone else." "I do not know what he thinks in his privacy", he adds, "if it considers it or not the coverage, but tinnotax there a way to be different because it has other origins."

In the Ministry of Justice and Security Ocampo said that integrating the Cabinet "b & # 39; actively" and does not believe that the close relationship between the minister and angelic generated resentment.

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