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Mauricio MACRI presented new plans Pampa III and criticized the Kirchner: "Again it apathy and abandonment" – 05/12/2018


President Mauricio MACRI presented on Wednesday three new Pampa III aircraft built by San Martín Brigadier (FadeA) of Argentina Arjen of Factory Aircraft f & # 39; Córdoba and criticized what happened in & # 39; that area during Kirchner, said there was "apathy and abandonment"The aircraft is the first to build the industrial center in what & # 39; ten years.

"Unfortunately, as happened in & # 39; many orbits, Here also came apathy, abandonment, lack of & # 39; investment and timeliness. It has been said for many years that we will see flight and nobody left, more than a decade without making an airplane, "he said.

Without the presence of the governor cordovan, Juan Schiaretti (He justified his failure in & # 39; "undeniable personal reasons", also said that in MACRI & # 39; that area "more spent, was undermined in & # 39; Argentina where nothing remains & # 39;"

"In 2015 only cost 1400 million pesos. There are 10 Pampa aircraft lost the Air Force and all Argent. We are now in & # 39; another reality. That is why there is so much joy and pride, because this factory again & # 39; master and start to move as all Argentina to the future ", he said.

MACRI said that with the new scheme "of & # 39; professionalism and order" featured new clients, and said that "the dream is to make aircraft out to the world."

"Will build three other plans for next year and every time it will be better. We can compete with & # 39; best and growing in self-esteem. This is to feel proud of the work and be the protagonist. This Argentine must be part of the world and knows it is a path of & # 39; transformation is not easy, but this time do it on solid and lasting foundations ", he added.

The new aircraft IA 63 Pampa III, are units & # 39; & # 39 basic training; advanced assault and & # 39; light. They will be used in the northern border to control drug trafficking.

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