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Mauricio MACRI seek to take advantage of the wind in favor of the G20 and win air in & # 39; half crisis – 12/01/2018


Single in the cafeteria El Ateneo told the old customers that the security personnel & # 39; Emmanuel skoprax when MACRON had not wanted to take a photo with the President during the tour made Thursday through traditional book & # 39; Buenos Aires. But the story was not going to end like this. The president, apparently, was watching the movements in & # 39; a safe distance and a little later surprise everyone: He approached the waitress and himself came forward to take selfie. MACRON went to Buenos Aires Summit like rock stars, While road & # 39; Paris has moved a new wave of & # 39; violence as a result of & # 39; the worst crisis affecting its management.

Bridging the gap, Mauricio MACRI Something similar happens to him. In addition, ifaħħruh and receive it b & # 39; & # 39 expressions, affection, but in & # 39; country levels & # 39; questioning are very high. Never before was clear as the realization of G-20 in Argentina. Until now, the thermometer was the chronic special envoy to the presidential press tours or what the officials themselves lived. Direct and permanent transmission of the meeting of the presidents allowed to see that the main political leaders worldwide support almost without problems the path of reforms that began in the era that followed Kirchnerism.

Donald Trump calls

Donald Trump summon Mauricio MACRI "friend".

There are also some and head & # 39; Argentine state exceeding protocol relationship. Donald Trump asked him during 48 hours "my friend Mauricio" and MACRON and Canadian Justin Trudeau, to name two cases, they feel closer and closer. The French once called him to ask for suggestions on how to approach the US president. Another leader that he is an open line Gianni Infantino, the FIFA president. On Saturday they are moving together before the press conference MACRI of f & # 39; Costa Salguero. The FIFA owner He gave her a ball, whistle and shirt with the last name stamped on her back.

None of this does not remove all the management errors neither the difficulties & # 39; day dealing with a return and will have to deal in the event & # 39; Monday in the first hour. The Government will end the year with the highest inflation since 1991 and with worrying level & # 39; employment and poverty in the election year door. The immediate Executive plan is to prevent this month, the warmer the year, social and piqueteras groups end up causing turbulence during protests at cutting & # 39; roads and streets in the City.

Mauricio MACRI Emmanuel MACRON have a close relationship.

Mauricio MACRI Emmanuel MACRON have a close relationship.

"What is the Summit gave us the air. not just"Admitted important official of the Executive." Everything went well, perhaps better than planned. There was no accident and there was world recognition to Argentina, "he said. The President wanted to take advantage of contact with journalists. He said:" We have a country connected to the world like never before in its history. The world has given us a place and must accompany us. This opens an opportunity. "And, before the end of his presentation, he risked:" I turn to history. Today there is a future. "

There was optimism in the delegation & # 39; officials attended to Costa Salguero. Some alluema one, b & # 39; irony, to silence opposition. "I'm Dead dead"MACRI joked about his fatigue.

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