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Maximum in Argentina: between the G20 and night activity & # 39; nostalgia for the 30 years & # 39; graduation – 11/28/2018


As usual, the ertikoloġija around Maxima Queen & # 39; the Netherlands is hereby & # 39; her health. The Embassy & # 39; the Netherlands and the United Nations gave no details about the activity that Argentina will play in the country on the eve of the G20 meeting. How did you know maybe ClarHe arrived in the country on Wednesday morning and the evening took part in & # 39; a dinner with & # 39; former classmates from his secondary school, north, when he finished his young garbage 30 years & # 39; graduates.

Maxima will participate in the G20 as special counsel to the UN Secretary General for Inclusive Finance for Development. It does not represent his country, which will be led by Prime Minister Mark Rutte. This Thursday will be Maxima with President Mauricio MACRI f & # 39; activity at the Cultural Center Kirchner.

The only flight of the day from Amsterdam, the company KLM, issued Wednesday f & # 39; Ezeiza at 6:34. The last public activity & # 39; Maxima before entry to Argentina was precisely in the Dutch capital, on Tuesday. It was at the ceremony to award the Erasmus Prize 2018, to reward the person or institution contributed to Europe exceptional contribution to the world of culture.

Maxima remains & # 39; in the country Saturday. It is the first visit to Argentina since the death of & # 39; sister, Inés Zorreguieta.

"Microfinance is antidote to poverty", Maxima often repeating. Loans from small amounts for productive enterprises, Commercial or services that are processed outside the private business sector, f & # 39; state institutions, cooperatives or NGOs and target customers who do not meet the conditions to have access to traditional bank loans. In the CCK, the queen will speak about the provision of women's economic power. "

Before entering in royalties, Maxima Zorreguieta had worked as a graduate in Economics in & # 39; financial institutions in New York and Brussels. It was at Northland College in & # 39; Olivos whose training began, that of the litter graduating in 1988 this Wednesday night is celebrating 30 years & # 39; graduates.

It is one of the most expensive and prestigious schools in the country, b & # 39; bilingual education. It started as a women's college and became mixed in 90 years. Many students passed the classes later gained popularity, as Mónica Cahen D & # 39; Antwerp and her daughter Sandra Mihanovich, the journalist Dolores Caen D & # 39; Antwerp, the María presenter FREYTES, María Eugenia Estenssoro, former Sierra Mercedes Margalot and dancer Vanina Escudero, among others. Also the President MACRI sent his two daughters to the north: One is Agustina, the current cinema director.

The Queen already recently participated in the so-called W20, Which called for "close the differences between the sexes" and stressed the digital inclusion as "a matter of & # 39; priority" by participating by videoconference on the day of the closure of the international meeting of women held in & # 39; Bus Buenos Aires.

"Today, women have only a third & # 39; small and & # 39; medium-sized enterprises, and entrepreneurs should be able to benefit from loans, but can not access them, and many leave them outside the system", said maxima.

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