Monday , June 27 2022

Mica Viciconte spoke about the complaint & # 39; Sol Pérez on Combating and liquidated And Cristian


Mika Viciconte, like Sol Pérez, was a participant in reality Ninth & # 39;, "combat"A few days ago showed that Perez suffered terrible situation & # 39; harassment program when some people asked to" give kisses to not nominated ".

Now, the panelist of & # 39; Incorretas referred to the issue and cleared Cristian U.

in "Previous & # 39; the show"Viciconte stated that the participant Combat is also" complicated person "." I have read many things with him as a rival. Does not have the same codes, "he added.

Similarly, although it stressed that suffer situations & # 39; harassment but "had meetings and discussions", said: "I am on the side of & # 39; Sol Pérez because I know Cristian U. Do I have the best memories. " And when asked about his opinion on the time it took to the former climate girl talk about this awkward situation, Mica said "everyone has the time to display".

Moreover, revealed: "He had his conflicts with production. That did not go on camera does not mean they did not exist. He had a lot and something, he continued to Fight."

Finally, he clarified: "I have nothing against Cristian And, I cracked and I had my crosses. But f & # 39; this situation supporter women."

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