Monday , June 21 2021

Mika Viciconte been charged after starring in & # 39; traffic accident

The participant & # 39; "Dancing for a Dream 2018" coincided with & # 39; a man who ran a motorcycle in the afternoon, in the area of ​​& # 39; Chacarita; she issued no harm, while the young person suffered an ankle injury Credit: Instagram

Micaela Viciconte

Incident occurred in the area & # 39; Chacarita afternoon, when the car he was traveling collided with & # 39; motorcycle; was unhurt, while the man going the other vehicle suffered damage in the ankle.

The participant of "Dancing for a Dream 2018" essay came out in studios La Corte when the collision occurred. Ambulance arrived onsite to attend to a motorcyclist, at the time when it was transferred to the police station to give a statement of the area, f & # 39; of & # 39; attributed character.

Moreover, Viciconte been subject to toxicological testing & # 39; routine and her car was impounded to perform the corresponding tests. Fabián Cubero, her partner, remained & # 39; since it felt about the incident.

The panelist
Missed year & # 39; high media profile, not only for
His romance with ex-husband & # 39; Nicole Neumann, but also
the constant fighting that plays on the track of the program led by Marcelo Tinelli.

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