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More and more people are suffering from the syndrome & # 39; "dry eye"


Syndrome & # 39; the dry eye can & # 39; 3 affects 10 people, according to weather and environmental pollution and its symptoms can affect the ability to perform & # 39; daily activities.

There are more and more cases & # 39; Syndrome & # 39; the dry eye professionals identify the consultations, mainly due to growing environmental pollution affecting large cities, artificial air conditioning & # 39; closed environments and high exposure to screens .

In addition, there is a greater propensity in women & # 39; over 40 years.

The so-called syndrome & # 39; "dry eye" is characterized by changes in production & # 39; tears leading to symptoms such as eye irritation and itching and discomfort when using contact lenses.

In addition, the experts stressed that if untreated can & # 39; there are serious consequences.

"The eyelid is a permanent friction eye and friction can & # 39; cause damage. B & # 39; graphic way we can say that the eye works like windshield wipers & # 39; car: if iddawruha b & # 39; dry glass, will tobroxha and rovinaha. the same happens with the eyelids and cornea: without lubrication, the affects eye "stain, explained Alejandro Aguilar, the specialist ophthalmologist in & # 39; of ocular surface diseases, founder and former president of the Argentina Society Okkultivi crops.

"It multifactorjali syndrome can & # 39; affects up to 30% of the population. A growing number of & # 39; cases are identified by prolonged exposure to screens, artificial environmental changes and natural and improved diagnostic methods," Aguilar said.

Exposure to dry climate and mirjieħa, as well as smoke and air conditioning accelerate the evaporation of tears, to avoid contact with & # 39; these irritating conditions can & # 39; reduce the chances of developing dry eye or providing relief to those who suffer

Alejandro Berra, principal investigator of Conicet and chairman of SASO, said that "the symptoms are aggravated in & # 39; those who suffer from dry eyes and live in big cities like Buenos Aires" and remarked that "case & # 39; dry eye in & # 39; polluted environment will be more severe. "

"A few years ago, we work with & # 39; park rangers from Los Glaciares National Park where we have observed that the tear & # 39; these individuals were between 8 and 11 hours away defeats in 14 -20 seconds. on average, tears take about 10 seconds to break. and in the case of & # 39; individual m & # 39; has dry eyes and live in & # 39; Bus Buenos Aires, divided into & # 39; 7- 8 seconds.

This means that b & # 39; less pollution, less interference from the particles in the air with & # 39; the ispariċ and make the best visual quality. In any case, this does not mean that those living in free spaces pollution to develop dry eyes because there are other conditions that affect their development ", explained Berra.

Moreover, to stay longer than 5 hours a day with an opinion on the PC screen, cell phone or TV favors the appearance & # 39; this condition.

So much so that Mexican study found that 86.4% of people who attended the consultation ophthalmologic symptoms were compatible with the syndrome & # 39; the dry eye.
"Those who have more time in front of the screen, less blur and, therefore, the tears evaporate faster. Often, the devices are not ergonomically located, nor in the right distance. Also, calibration the brightness of the device also can & # 39; affect, "Berra enumerated.

For those who can not ignore the work obligations imply quota & # 39; & # 39 significant work; day before the screen, specialists recommend periodic tpejjit when looking at a computer, tips that are valid even for those who spend a lot of time reading or doing other tasks that require visual concentration.

Other recommendations for those who work for periods & # 39; more than four & # 39; hours a day in front of the computer are: Annual Consultation & # 39; ophthalmologist (if not suffer from pre-existing ocular pathology); if they wear glasses, review the graduation once or twice a year; Use lubricating eye every 6 or 8 hours at work; periods & # 39; break every 30 minutes & # 39; away from the screen and movements & # 39; the neck and legs.

The use of & # 39; font & # 39; 11 to 12 points can & # 39; also be useful, as it limits the use of video games for an hour or two a day.

most frequent syndrome in & # 39; older women

Although the age at which the syndrome & # 39; the dry eye can & # 39; it seems variable, visits to ophthalmologist causing their symptoms are more frequent in & # 39; & # 39 persons; & # 39; over 40 years and in & # 39; women where the syndrome is extremely frequent during the climate.

In fact, hormonal changes associated with menopause are one of the main reasons why women are more affected by dry eye condition.
This is because the hormonal changes are translated into & # 39; alterations in the production of & # 39; tears. And not only the hormonal changes that occur at menopause. The different conditions that affect the functioning of the lacrimal gland or its tubing, including autoimmune diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, involve a reduction in tear secretion and therefore predispose to the development of the syndrome & # 39; the dry eyes.

Measures & # 39; treatment and prevention

Depending on the severity of the syndrome & # 39; the dry eye and its symptoms, the traditional pharmacologic treatment is local, by & # 39; Artificial lubricants, drops, gels or ointments.

F & # 39; more severe cases, it is stated, drops & # 39; autologous serum or eye & # 39; immuno-modulatorji medicines and it is common to lower the channel & # 39; evacuation of tears b & # 39; plants, to keep tears on the ocular surface.

In all cases, the main goal of treatment is to restore & # 39; achieving stability of the ocular surface and tear film, by breaking the vicious circle of the condition.
General measures such as using solar and windshields b & # 39; suitable lots are very useful when environmental conditions justify it.

Other useful measures are: do not smoke and avoid receiving indirect smoke, wind and direct conditioning & # 39; air; Use damper, particularly in winter; reduce the use of & # 39; allergy and cold medications that can dry the ocular surface and worsen symptoms; blink on purpose more often and rest your eyes from time to time; Clean regularly lashes and apply hot kumpressi.

Treatment in & # 39; and adequate during which the syndrome & # 39; dry eyes is to avoid the effects of its progression, by doing great damage to the cornea, can & # 39; cause ulcers and even in & # 39; more advanced cases can & # 39; require corneal transplant.

That transplantation is surgery whereby cornea was damaged by trauma, infections, deformities or degenerations of the cornea, is replaced by a cornea & # 39; her health. (AN)


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