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More than 600 thousand children have not been vaccinated against measles and rubella: five days – 11/28/2018


The National Campaign & # 39; Monitoring anti Ħajla of Minożoli and Rubella ends Friday and the goal is still & # 39; far from complete. More than 600 thousand children from 13 months to 4 years nor received the extra dose of triple viral vaccine application free and compulsory in hospitals and in & # 39; health centers across the country.

According to the latest report of the Ministry of Health, were applied in eight weeks 2194569 dose of & # 39; planned 2.817 million the target population. The cover is & # 39; about 78%, & # 39; away than expected at the beginning of the campaign (it was planned to reach 80% in the first month), so health authorities to strengthen the demand for children to be vaccinated.

City and Province & # 39; Buenos Aires are jurisdictions which recorded the worst coverage to date, b & # 39; 72% and 66%, respectively. ie In Capital vaccinated remain one in four and one in three children Province. The rest of the country, except in Tierra del Fuego (74%) and Santa Cruz (76%), have already exceeded 80%. The example is given of Jujuy, Corrientes and Chaco, which has already exceeded 95% (Jujuy even reached more than 99%).

"It is very important to recognize the actions and all the sacrifices that the vaccination team could & # 39; to make in all the country's jurisdictions b & # 39; self-sagrifikanti way, because we know that this implies vocation b & # 39; robust"Said Cristian Biscayart, head of the Directorate for Control & # 39; Disease & # 39; Immunoprevattivi (dice). He extended recognition to those who took their children to be vaccinated" because they understood very well the importance of & # 39; this additional dose & # 39; vaccine"Stressing that" it is very important that those who are not taking them make f & # 39; these days are missing, to achieve greater coverage than today ".

In the City & # 39; Buenos Aires, on Friday, the vaccine will not open holiday organized by the G20 summit, and tomorrow will be the last day of & # 39; application in the field of & # 39; Buenos Aires.

As confirmed to Clar the Ministry of Health, the campaign will not be extended. However, once the strategy is finalized, each province to monitor children remained unvaccinated. From that, in & # 39; & # 39 areas; high concentration, tourism and b & # 39; low coverage, implementation & # 39; complementary measures to inoculate those who have not been vaccinated in & # 39; these two months.

The campaign is held every four & # 39; years in order to maintain the elimination of measles and rubella in the country. Additional dose of viral triple vaccine is applied – independent from that established by the calendar – for all children 13 months to 4 years, 11 months and 29 days. Thus, it seeks to reduce the group & # 39; prone to accumulate year after year, made up of children who were not vaccinated in the regular program and those containing vaccine ġġenerax adequate protection (an estimated 10% to produces the required immunity).

In the last two campaigns, in 2014 and 2009, coverage & # 39; 82% and 98%, respectively, was obtained.

The vaccine is applied free of charge in health centers and all public hospitals in the country. Medical unsolicited order, except for children with & # 39; immunocompromised. Private Vaccination is also part of the strategy (you only have to present credentials for social work or prepaid to cover f & # 39; that center).

Maintaining vaccination coverage & # 39; over 95% is essential for avoid the reintroduction of & # 39; measles in the country, which in 2000 reported last endemic case. S & # 39; now this year there were 14 cases related to imports. In the region, according to data from the Pan American Health Organization, there were 8091 cases in & # 39; 11 countries and 85 deaths from the disease. The Venezuela, b & # 39; outbreak active for over a year is the most affected, followed by Brazil and the rest of the United States.

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