Monday , November 29 2021

More than 700 police "protect" against the Center for Budget protests: an interim Room


strong police presence in the vicinity of the Legislature. There were several roads cut microcredit and therefore was a mess. The corporations, social organizations and workers & # 39; Astillero Rio Santiago demonstrated against the draft, for now, will not be addressed. After 15 started releasing the cut road

The area of ​​the Legislature Bosnia is "army" of more than 700 police since the day today the Government looked to the approval of Budget 2019, although the session occurred for intermediate quarter "indefinite" and could & # 39; .

7th Avenue cut off with fences at the height of 50th Street, the first in the lane that goes to Plaza Rocha then both hands, before possible sources & # 39; accidents, since the protesters protest this initiative.

At the same past in & # 39; south cut by the area & # 39; 8 and 53 and 9 and 51, so it was almost impossible to travel. Already near the 15, demonstrators began jiddokonċentraw and transit again & # 39; back to normalcy after a chaotic day in & # 39; material & # 39; highway.

The area began to be filled with a large number of police & # 39; troops were enhance site security. There was a climate of & # 39; tension and some businesses decided to lower the blinds.

The session, which will be the end of the year and was scheduled for last Friday, but was postponed to coincide with the G20 summit held in & # 39; Bus Buenos Aires, would start at 14 and, along with the budget, they will debate the approval of Imposittiv Account. But the same happened to intermediate room time "indefinite", since he could & # 39; locating DAY.

Corporations such as ATE, CTA, Judicial and Cicop, including the Shipyard workers & # 39; Santiago Rio, demonstrate before the legislature, having been called earlier in & # 39; Pace Italia, in order to protest the Budget was looking for the government of Governor María Eugenia Vidal approve

They were added to the protest that made teachers with open radio in the framework of an open call for unemployment day today. Even Kirchner presented a judicial proposal for a "possible punitive action" by police.

That is why we had a day & # 39; tension in the area of ​​legislature & # 39; Buenos Aires.

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