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"Most of us give Billionaire": declaration & # 39; Eduardo Costantini exploding networks – 22/11/2018


Eduardo Costantini, the businessman and the owner & # 39; Malba and Nordelta, a radio interview in which it referred to the complex economic situation going on the country, said in a private neighborhood located at & # 39; Tigre crisis "felt everywhere", but "is easier than in & # 39; other places".

In the "Out of Agenda" conducted by the journalist on Radio Led Jairo Straccia, the businessman spoke about the management & # 39; Mauricio MACRI and asked the government. However, users ended up on Twitter for unusual phrase in particular that the dealer said: "There was a big loss & # 39; assets in Argentina, we stop many billionaire ", said f & # 39; informal tuna.

This statement went viral fast and c internet citizens not already the opportunity to take pleasure from it. Ironically, took pity on Costantini as @patgow who wrote: "Costantini tried eating butter brand 'Tonadita", it is difficult to shut & # 39; Sancor, the tolqotk reality. "

In an interview, Straccia fakkretlu classification & # 39; magazine millionaires & # 39; Forbes, which is part mogl estate. F & # 39; this regard, Costantini said "drop & # 39; in the ranking" the billionaire to "assess the share price" and the company consultatio "About 30 percent & # 39; what they were worth."

In social networks prevented through statements and under the phrase "Edu Force", Are filled with funny and original comments Twitter memes.

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