Wednesday , July 28 2021

"My game and my level still in force"

The Greek & # 39; 20 years, Stefanos Tsitsipas, have the hump at the beginning of yesterday yesterday to beat second seed Australian Open. It is nothing more, nothing less than Roger Federer, the contest bicampen. After elimination in the second round, its "Majesty" had words & # 39; praise for the young also have pleasant news: Play the tour of the brick dust after two seasons & # 39; absence.

"I miss to see the clay season. Two years ago I had some physical and other problems year decided to not doing it. But this year I do not see why not "said that Switzerland to the joy of all those who love tennis. On that face Federer won 11 of his 99 title. Roger There are a few, And this – 2019 dir present second Grand Slam, Roland Garros. The same starting Sunday 26 & # 39; May.

And żiedt: "I f & # 39; phase where I give myself that pleasure"He said on the floor Grand Slam. "I also feel that sense that m & # 39; is necessary to take a long break, I will I play in & # 39; Roland Garros." Moreover, any kind of weapon & # 39; injury and illness: "My game and my level still in force."

As regards the losses Tsitsipas, the first N1 rating, is the triumph to his rival: "Perd against best player, made a very good game". With nitilfix against any player, but & # 39; someone who is at the top for a long time. " Federer also congratulated the Greek for 12 points of & # 39; break that moved and said: "Sometimes it does take time for you to stay healthy which attack".

Switzerland continued to flatter Tsitsipas"He did an excellent job in the past year and a half, and managed to defeat to Novak, M. Anderson tonight That's what you need to advance to the next level." Roger took some time to jiċċelja with the young: "I also like long hair and hit the revs on one side."

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