Saturday , December 4 2021

Mystery f & # 39; Salta: found uncle and niece had a relationship that & # 39; love


Jump on dead uncle

The bodies were in & # 39; one of the five rooms of the house in a state of & # 39; demolition, located in MARINARO Farm, near Tambo. The place was occupied by several farm workers.

Found a brother of & # 39; Tapia, who advised that he was absent from his work, went to ifittxuh. When he came in – place, he found that – body – man hung from the ceiling and teenagers staying dead in bed. this one have signs of & # 39; mechanical hanging marks on the neck, without sexual violence, According to the newspaper The Tribune

Young people have resisted relationship from the rest of their family. Last Friday, 30 & # 39; November, Micaela had escaped from home to live with & # 39; her uncle.

For – first, the – The investigators indicated that feminicide was followed by a suicide, but after investigating the story of the couple are also considering the possibility of & # 39; suicide pact.

the – The Criminal Prosecutor No. 1 unit & # 39; Serious Crimes against Persons was appointed as the head of the case.

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