Tuesday , June 28 2022

NASA: "Elon Musk is jarahx marijuana smoking in public '


Elon Musk no longer appears "to smoke marijuana or drink alcohol publicly, as did an interview in & # 39; in September, the administrator of NASA Jim Bridenstine was quoted as saying by the newspaper Atlantic.

At the beginning of & # 39; in September, the founder of Tesla and Space X, f & # 39; conversation with the American comedian Joe Rogan, He even drank whiskey and smoked a joint & # 39; marijuana mixed with tobacco. The conversation, recorded the podcast of the comedian, was broadcast on the Internet and generated great controversy on the Internet b & # 39; in general and b & # 39; in particular the American society.

"This was not convenient and did not trust, and leaders & # 39; these organizations should take this as an example of & # 39; X & # 39; be made by leading an organization that will launch American astronauts", said Bridenstine . "He so committed to safety like everyone, and understand that this was not appropriate behavior, and it will not resume & # 39; it seems ".

Recently, the space agency ordered a review of the culture and safety in the workplace as a & # 39; Boeing as well & # 39; SpaceX. Both companies have been selected by NASA to provide space to transport astronauts to the International Space Station, with the test scheduled for next year first flight.

The contract must combined value & # 39; 6.8 billion dollars and stipulates that both companies "hold program to get free labor force from drugs and alcohol".

Safety first

Bridenstine said the reviews are measures to ensure that these companies are not likely to suffer accidents can cause death & # 39; astronauts grounds & # 39; security in the workplace, stress and long working hours.

Those potential problems were troubling for NASA, under Bridenstine, after the accident Musk marijuana, along with many public revenues and transparent working to exhaustion.

However, the executive NASA said that the work culture and the safety assessment were on his agenda before Musk publicly smoked marijuana. The substance is now legal in California, where Rogan presenter showing his podcast, but indicated that it Birdenstine more concerned about drugs like cocaine and use of & # 39; opiates can & # 39; seriously affect judgment and job performance of employees & # 39; Boeing and SpaceX.

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