Sunday , June 26 2022

New details about the appearance & # 39; Michael Schumacher


Georg Gänswein, friend and secretary of Pope Benedict XVI, as he now Pope Francis, visited Michael Schumacher in 2016 and details of the German appearance.

"I got before him, intimjt with both hands and looked it, his face, as we all know, is the typical surface & # 39; Michael Schumacher, has only a little more filled", said Gänswein.

And then he added: "He feels that there are around people who love him, to take care of him and, thanks to God, to keep the public away too curious, sick person requires discretion and understanding",

And finally said: "The family is the protective nest Michael needs a b & # 39; urgently, his wife is the soul of the family, obviously I include Michael and his family in my prayers."

According to the newspaper El País, the family link with Schumacher & # 39; Archbishop Georg Ganswein is good, because it was an important piece for a French audience with the Pope at the Vatican.

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