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"Not doing so", the ground & # 39; police officer a thief & # 39; 15 years threatens to kill himself – 28/11/2018


Trapped, surrounded by police to have him in places & # 39; their weapons, the thief does not know X & # 39; do. He lost. She has 15 years and has a 9 mm that it is only indicated in & # 39; store and stole less than one thousand pesos.

The scene takes place in the heart & # 39; Del Mar Plata. "Let go of the weapon, rilaxxha," several police jgħajru f & # 39; sigh. The child speaks, seems to not release, tension reaches the threshold, sleep weapon and relies on the head.

"Le M & # 39; have to do it!", Shed & # 39; the voice & # 39; woman who stands out above the rest: "I ħuena your age", says, and once he knows the assailant, it asks the rest of her companions to let it take care of, and a few tikkonvinċih.

This is the Sergejan María Victoria Salinas, assigned to Patrol Command, which Finally managed to persuade the young thief. After the turmoil generated when they arrived several watch and crossed the road on Catamarca near the avenue Luro, right in the center and two blocks from the first police station, and the nervous eagerness of the uniform so that boy came weapon on the ground, Sergeant Salinas, wisely managed jilħaqh.

The assailant has 15 years and was in charge of UFI Child responsible prosecutor Marcelo Urrutia Yanez. Moments before he was attacked in pantry & # 39; Rivadavia and 20 & # 39; in September, seven & # 39; street where he was arrested.

He took the gains made in the box to a dealer, 960 pesos.

It happened on Monday afternoon. The police ordered shops in the area to lower their blinds. The thief, named Diego, and carried camperón cap prevented see his eyes. When he finally draws his attention, the Salinas joqgħodlu "Sergeant do so '(the thief was just informed the head with a gun ready to shoot, bolted), and promised that nothing happens to it.

He tells about his family, about brother & # 39; the same age. Succeeds: criminal supports the weapon on the ground and stopped.

The boy was transferred to the a & # 39; Detention Center for Minors, located at & # 39; Banan, b & # 39; cause for "Theft aggravated by the use of & # 39; weapon". The agents seized pistol BROWNING brand & # 39; 9mm recovering and trading income was attacked.

Later, through & # 39; Twitter, the Security Minister & # 39; Buenos Aires, Cristian Ritondo, highlighted the action of the sergeant: "María Victoria prevent crime and prevented death," wrote: "In fighting Still, the death of & # 39; innocent for police, life is a supreme good, and that the person who commits the offense.

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