Sunday , April 2 2023

One day – Countdown in NASA for landing & # 39; Insight on Mars


The National Administration & # 39; Aeronautics and Space (NASA) to finalize details for the next two on the 26 & # 39; November, the Insight, the spacecraft released the Earth more than six months ago, will come in & # 39; to study Mars and looking for inside the Red Planet.

"Ship & # 39; seismic investigation, Geodesy and Heat Transport (Insight) NASA is on track for a smooth landing on the surface of Planet Red 26 & # 39; November Monday after Thanksgiving ". organism

He continued: "But it will not be a relaxing weekend with & # 39; leftover turkey, football and shopping for Insight mission team." The engineers will be out for flow & # 39; data indicating the strength and trajectory of & # 39; Insight and will monitor the Martian weather reports to determine if the team need to make some final adjustments in preparation for landing. "

According to forecasts, the ship will next face of & # 39; & # 39 in Mars, called Elysium Planitia area at 2:54 p.m. EST (16:54 time & # 39; Argentina), and six minutes later, "noise" comes in the World that will show that "Insight is living and working on the surface".

Insight, the first mission to study the deep interior & # 39; Mars, took off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in & # 39; Central California on 5 & # 39; May 2018.

"Love to Mars is hard, requires skill, attention and years of & # 39; preparation", said Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of the Bureau of Scientific Missions in general NASA headquarters in & # 39; Washington.

He added that "given our ambitious goal to send humans to the surface of the Moon and then to Mars, I know that science and the team & # 39; our best engineering will do what all they can to secrete b & # 39; Insight success on the Red Planet. "

For his part, Rob Grover, entry, descent and landing leader (EDL) of & # 39; Insight, described that "we can not we use joystick landing, so we rely on -kmandi we have before the program on the ship. "

In addition to the Insight, technological demonstration called Mars One Cube (Marco) flying separately to Mars, which will test a new type of & # 39; transmission & # 39; Data from another planet for the first time, although the success & # 39; Insight does not depend on Marco.

Insight reported that the team hopes that "by studying the deep interior & # 39; Mars, we learn how to rock shapes created world, including the Earth and the Moon."

"Our home planet and Mars were formed from the same primordial things more than 4,500 million years ago, but then were quite different, why not have the same fate?" NASA asks f & # 39; statement.

The agency reported that "only about 40 percent of the missions sent to Mars by any space agency successful. The United States is the only nation whose mission survived landing" and indicated that since 1965, this country "flown, orbited, landed and traveled on the surface of the Red Planet".

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