Friday , December 3 2021

One of the most beloved figures was eliminated from Dancing


the – Dancing for a dream It's already entering his last case. The pace of folklore was one of the lowest scores, due to its complexity and that none of the nine & # 39; couples managed to catch the judges with their performance. Tuesday, Marcelo Tinelli announced the secret vote & # 39; Florencia Pea, and two couples who loved the public remained on the phone. However, one of the revelations had to leave the competition.

With nerves & # 39; this decisive stage, the duos met in the study & # 39; ShowMatch to know who were those who were convicted and will return to dance in & # 39; this new gala. Finally, those who have been convicted because they do not meet the minimum score (18 units) were: Sol Garca Prez and Damin, Lourdes and Diego Ramos Snchez, Cinthia Gonzalo Fernndez and Gerber and Natalie Weber and Ivn Anriquez.

In turn, Cinthia and her team after sharp criticism of the jury, and through strong fight with & # 39; Marcelo Polino, decided to change its choreography. Monday & # 39; Monday, the goddess confronted the jury, treated it as "ignorant" and launched a very strong comment when warned that "the primary school almost finished".

Once the performances were shown again, with corrections suggested by the jury, decided that those who deserve to be saved were: Cinthia and Lourdes and Diego, and increased to eight couples to continue in the reality of dance & # 39, El TRECE. B & # 39; this way, those who face each other on the phone and Natalie were Sol.

Finally, everything was in & # 39; public hands, which voted with & # 39; equal right way. And in & # 39; that case, b & # 39; 51.38% of the votes, Sol Prez Damin Garca and ensured their continuity in the competition, while Natalie Weber Ivn Anriquez and new ones were eliminated (48.62%).

See video of the decisive moment:

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