Sunday , June 11 2023

Orion: mission that will take humans to Mars


Neil Armstrong and Edwin & # 39; Buzz & # 39; Aldrin went on the lunar surface in 1969 in the mission Apollo 11. Nearly five years later, the man has this satellite as a way to reach Mars, during which time did not return for several reasons.

"During the Apolo program, the NASA budget was very high because there was mixed purposes between exploration and politics. The budget & # 39; Nasa is quite stable now, enables us to make one or two major programs at the same time, "he says. The priority in the 60 decade has been received at the Moon, but changed in years and the aim was to build Space Station.

"Once the station was completed, began developing & # 39; of & # 39; exploration systems such as Orion. The priority has already changed, from using the orbit near the Earth to devote itself specifically for space exploration . "

This time will not be competition, will be cooperation. It can & # 39; is the first difference between the era & # 39; Apollo and Orion.

The service module will increase, improve and cool comes from Germany, provided by ESA (European Space Agency). The main contractor for Orion NASA, Lockheed Martin, built crew module and other elements of the spacecraft.

"Push the limits", ie the expression of & # 39; García Galán so the man must reach the red planet in 2030 thanks to Orion.

"The main reason is that as humans we explore, push the limits. To leave Earth and the area that we used to live is something that mankind should do. It is important to know x & # 39; they our solar system and the galaxy. "

Already the man went to the Moon, explore, and says the engineer, pushed the limit there. The next step is to reach Mars. "If you intend to explore various technologies and you develop when making such complex missions you must be fully tried before", he says.

When went with & # 39; Apollo, says, learned a lot and developed technologies, but in & # 39; that moment trips were & # 39; two or three days.

"Being able to & # 39; to return to the Moon we can use the current technologies in & # 39; this objective and develop new ones to learn how to live & # 39; away from Earth. In addition, a there would be easier to take the step to Mars without having to carry the fuel as much directly from the World. "

One reason for the return to the Moon is to learn and develop technologies, as was done at Space Station. There is the man who teaches for years to close the space.

"B & # 39; generally there are plans to look for water on the Moon, to make exploration & # 39; X & # 39; type & # 39; material can & # 39; get out there and different reasons, but the first one is to take the first step to go to Mars. "

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