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Pain and agitation due to the death of the child & # 39; Mario Pereyra, the conductor and artistic director & # 39; Cadena 3 – 01/20/2019

The death & # 39; Mateo Pereyra, nephew of journalist Mario Pereyra, This caused great pain in the political and journalistic environment. On Saturday, 19 January, the body of a teenager was found dead in his home in Valle Escondido. Currently the causes of death of journalism student who was 21 years old unknown.

In his grandfather, Mario Pereyra, is known journalist from Córdoba to work in & # 39; Cadena 3, His broadcaster is artistic director. According to the survey, the communicator is regarded as one of the leaders of the province opinion and for 30 years has headed the radio program Juntos.

The president Mauricio MACRI sent his condolences to the journalist by & # 39; a message on the account of his twitter: "I want to send a big hug to Mario Pereyra for missing & # 39; nephew and accompany also this time it hurts & # 39; his family"

Mario Pereyra had already suffered the death of & # 39; his son Mariano (Mateo father) f & # 39; December 2012. Now the loss of & # 39; Mateo caused a large amount of & # 39; messages from across the political arc on social networks. Among those who have expressed their condolences to the journalist are the Governor & # 39; Córdoba, Juan Schiaretti and, the mayor Ramón Mestre.

The former mayor and former ambassador also expressed solidarity Judge Luis, National deputy and former football referee Héctor Baldassi, Members of Cadena 3 and popular singer Juan Carlos "La Mona" Jiménez.

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