Friday , December 3 2021

"Panel which you, program ending." Psima panelist, distorter, very limited "De Brito dextrose a …!


There meditative fighting starting with & # 39; taste & # 39; joke but then gaining intensity until it is impossible to obtain when to stop the conflict and return peace between the confronted figures; this was the case, for example, & # 39; long link between Marcelo Tinelli and Mario Pergolini that, for more than a decade, kept spicy counterpoint through their programs.

Finally, as intelligent men are chosen to work together and collaborated on various artistic projects although many of the viewers, especially those who like to Caiga falling & # 39 ;, never learned about this fact, in currently, Mario still believe that man is ironic, sophisticated and & # 39; m great wealth & # 39; & # 39 should work, share nothing with popular Tinelli.

There are other cases where the conflict seems to m & # 39; has no clear purpose, for example, the struggle currently facing Sol Prez does ngel de Brito: everything started when the woman made an unfortunate comment about the child & # 39; Lourdes Sanchez, a verbal exchange with panelists of & # 39; Los Angeles morning led to a series of & # 39; accusations that have a common denominator nobody recognizes them wrong.

Now, the weather girl is directly confronted with the driver LAM nor intervention & # 39; Tinelli own, and asked them to make peace, to stop the escalation & # 39; insults to share Sun just wrote a text on his Twitter account really very strongly that the driver from publicly accused of treating it & # 39; something very, very ugly: @AngeldebritoOk Retweet I'm rude and ordinary. S & # 39; do with me, x & # 39; do program every morning reminding women! You'll retire when you have the document Capo letters.

De Brito was frightened & # 39; by judicial threat and, at the same angry tone, replied: SOS gross and ordinary. Panel which you, program ends. Psima panelist, distorter. very limited

This started a new exchange:

Sol Prez: hahahahaha you're very wrong. It seems that envy is already very large. I'm everything but all your programs you are talking about me. And how ugly to talk about what is going wrong with & # 39; producer program where you work and help @LafliaOk @hoppefede @cuervotinelli.

ngel de Brito SOS the savior of the programs! Thank you for your talent, your knowledge and your tranquility! SOS is admirable! GROSS, GENIA, CAPA! Thank you for existing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sol Prez: Pea Flor do its evil work, bad work, Polino not misbehave. Who are you do you think about work & # 39; others? S & # 39; do well in your life? Be careful classification Tinelli is not for you.

ngel de Brito: The one you need to talk about your life is you, but … Tell me when I spoke about the classification of & # 39; Tinelli? Arrobalos, I'm sure not read me Buhhhhhh.

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