Thursday , October 28 2021

Pedro decided about the loss of & # 39; Gasalla DailyShow


Every time less is required to start the 2019 summer season. Pedro Alfonso and Paula Chaves prepare for their debut in & # 39; Caro Paz with "Crazy About Luisa"

However, a few months ago, that was baked to perfection had at last relationship Antonio Gasalla decided to remove the issue from work and rrinunzjahom completely.

When asked how the comedian made the decision, Pedro said: "Fortunately it was early, it was very short romance. Personally, I caught b & # 39; cheating to nissodisfa dream, but left behind and now we & # 39; forward"

While his wife commented: "Pedro had more meetings, I could not even get along but I feel tthey have completed the very good things, there was no anger"

And the player added: "The relationship is fine, he's still talking with the production, I hope we can do something in the future"

On the other hand, the couple has been consulted on the arrival of & # 39; re a boy and there was controversy.

"I like the next year to find another child", The stated model.

And the producer indicated that it favors "In two or three years."

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