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Planted: M & # 39; nothing

Guillermina Valdés recalled the conversation was with her son when the media said Tinelli left "with a woman & # 39; ' Ortega.

Six years after it began its relationship with & # 39; Marcelo Tinelli, Guillermina Valdés spoke for the first time about how she faced getting the & # 39; critical eye and media comments that time, when the romance with boss of & # 39; Showmatch interpreted as betrayal between friends, because Sebastián Ortega, the former partner and father to his children, was very close to the driver.

Installing f & # 39; Punta del Este, the model spoke with Hola magazine and recalled in conversation with her son played Paloma and Helena, in the middle of controversy. "They are very revolutionary, I feel that I want to do something. I always talked to them a lot, also because situations experienced," the model began. And continued: "When I was in & # 39; that all media quilombo, having separated, said Marcelo was" left with & # 39; "the woman & # 39;". "And with my son talked about it, because iddawwew television and heard their mothers are treated as" the woman & # 39; ". To girl see that your mother is called like that is difficult." "Moreover , I'm nobody! " He remarked. "They knew they divorced bill, which I did duel & # 39; years, as witnessed, and his father was already a couple. When you have daughters who, in & # 39; such a situation, are clear and reflect, I feel left something what you are talking about, "said the model.

There will be a wedding: "It & # 39; MARCE we do not rule out that niżżewġu, with & # 39; Seven I made it after 13 years".

"Paloma and Helena have thought they were building over the years, for the things that lived, often painful," acknowledged business.

All over well with ex

Guillermina also said that has a good relationship with & # 39; Paula Robles and Soledad Aquino, the former partner & # 39; Tinelli. "When MARCE doing an event, Paula and Sole come and Lolo says & # 39; Juan Mom & # 39; or & # 39; Cande mother & # 39 ;, but is part of modern families. At the end closure & # 39 ; Juan got to & # 39; Paula and ċċattjajt the whole night, "concluded.


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