Wednesday , July 28 2021

Radiography of reinforcing & # 39; Boca: that was the game & # 39; Marcos Díaz, Alonso Junior, Iván Marcone and Jorman Campuzano against Aldosivi

Boca won to Aldosivi f & # 39; Del Mar Plata, second preparatory game & # 39; the era Gustavo Alfaro. Three of the four & # 39; reinforcements had before "Tiburon" had their debut in "Xeneize". They are Marcos Díaz, Iván Marcone and Jorman Campuzano. The same, Junior Alonso has already had its first presentation in a friendly before the Union during the week.

He turned to Esteban Andrada at the beginning of the game and had suffered defense was very secure in the second half. Could & # 39; powerless target, which followed a serious mistake by Julio Buffarini. Having got the first swipe at his first intervention, then it was raising its level. He picked some centers and a body cover outside the area that would be boarding the "Tiburon" ten minutes from the end, after sweeping back from Carlos Izquierdoz.

He began as a starter but unlike the game against Union, but he was not a central defender Left marker. It has gone from less to more, although it offered no guarantee. It cost him waste his area and continued attacks & # 39; Pisano. It was important second goal went down with & # 39; great technique ball Esteban Andrada, plays first and go find a wall to leave the target Mauro Zárate served. It was noted that it has quality and can & # 39; improved when selecting the pace and greater knowledge with your peers. He has good pace in the beginning.

He was a starter. Along with & # 39; Campuzano, that had better performance of reinforcements. He showed good dynamic with the Colombian. He recovered very well and increased the required quota & # 39; deployment. His performance was excellent because his game lacked character. He always sent the ball.

He also started as a starter. He has been punished many rivals, but has not proven weighs the jumpers & # 39; Boca and was more than interesting choice to replace Wilmar Barrios, who ssostitwixie f & # 39; 24 & # 39; the complement. In the first half had a large repertoire, which came close Marcone and was what contributed the clear result. The short touch, accurate and varied was worth the applause & # 39; the "xeneize" audience. He was noted to be much clarity to play the ball and a good place, although of course it is not & # 39; has the pace.

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