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Rapid testing for HIV / AIDS, the syphilis and hepatitis in the framework of & # 39; San Martn


Crdoba.- The 1 & # 39; December is World AIDS Day. F & # 39; this framework, Friday 30 & # 39; in November, will be rapid test for HIV / AIDS, viral hepatitis and syphilis in San Martn Square. The test is voluntary, confidential and free and the result is & # 39; 20 minutes. The event will take place from 10 to 16 and has consultants and advice & # 39; before and after the test, the delivery & # 39; materials for spreading and condoms. In addition, there will be a charge of Open Radio La Ranchada, and artistic and cultural presentations.

The importance of diagnosis

The HIV test is the only way to know if you live with the virus or not. The diagnostic knowledge to facilitate access to treatment, which in Argentina are free and guarantee quality & # 39; good life. On the other hand, offer the test for HIV is part of the strategy & # 39; diagnostic expansion aims to reduce the number of & # 39; people are not aware of their serological condition.

At present and for several years, Argentina and Karmanja acceded to the 90-90-90 objectives suppose to increase to 90 percent the proportion of & # 39; people with HIV who know the diagnosis theirs; that people under antiretroviral treatment and that & # 39; those being treated with & # 39; viral load can not be controlled.

Testing in the San Martn Plaza is proposed to bring the text to people who for various reasons have not been organized in & # 39; coordination between the Ministry of Health, Municipality & # 39; Crdoba, the National University & # 39; Cordoba, the College of Biochemistry & # 39; and various civil society organizations.

other activities

The allusive activities began on Friday 23 & # 39; November, b & # 39; training of health team collaborators and civil society organizations will participate in the testing.

On Monday 26, will be presented to the presentation on Advances in Strategy Transmission Elimination of Child Parents (MTCT) of & # 39; HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and reduction in Chagas congestion -Provinċja of & # 39; Crdoba. The activity is directed at health clubs and transmitted live via & # 39; video streaming.

Tuesday 27 & # 39, at 4.30 pm, there will be debate Filmali in Rawson Hospital, where the short film will be Quererte trasmutat. HIV, the syphilis and hepatitis testing will also be conducted for the health team with & # 39; in general and for training health teams with & # 39; in particular.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday 28 will present the experience of approaching HIV people deprived of their freedom in penitentiary Bower. It will be held at 11.30 in Rawson Hospital.

Finally, on Friday 30, from 11.30 to 13, there will be a session & # 39; training and a concert by the Glass Jam Band, in Rawson Hospital. Moreover, with the Interdisciplinary AIDS Society meeting & # 39; Argentina (SAISIDA) and Society Infectolgica de Crdoba will be held at the Medical Center Crdoba.

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