Sunday , June 11 2023

Record Alien brand: Blackout for use in computer games


Alien It is one of the most important entertainment franchises that not only stood in the cinema world. The series & # 39; science fiction has been adapted, sometimes with & # 39; a great success, several video games. For this reason, since Alien: Isolation, Players must watch new title & # 39; Xenomorph.

Since the beginning of & # 39; this year we know that new game & # 39; Alien It is in development. With the news, FoxNext Games also announced the acquisition of & # 39; Cold Iron Studios.

Recently issued a new track that you & # 39; & # 39 relate; this project, because 20th Century Fox registered mark Alien: blackout before the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

This immediately drew the attention of the players, since the recording was made for use in & # 39; computer games and online services. Because of this, it is estimated that the revelation of the new game franchise is closer than we think.

It should be noted that several members & # 39; Creative Assembly, responsible for Alien: Isolation, are secured in & # 39; April 2017 to welcome sequel title was being developed. So the record can & # 39; refer to the project by Cold Iron Studios.

Of course, the announcement of & # 39; new title is news to fans. Especially after the disappointment that was Alien: Colonial Marine, Whose artificial intelligence was chaotic because only one line of code.

Currently, m & # 39; no details Alien: blackout. However, various sources estimate that disclosure can & # 39; be in a few weeks. Specifically in the context of the Games Awards 2018, an event that will be held on 6 & # 39; December. While we know more about it, visit this link to find other news Alien.


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