Saturday , December 4 2021

Report & # 39; abuse Rodrigo Eguillor: I knew function allows you to share your location in & # 39; real-time


We know it would be better to live in & # 39; world where we are all safe and nobody should let us "gone home" or ask to call in & # 39; half the office to verify that everything is so. But unfortunately the lack of & # 39; security and cases & # 39; sexual harassment and abuse, such as those accused Rodrigo Eguillor, are common.

In the last hours, the user & # 39; Twitter crossed trick that not everyone knows: Share your location in real time on WhatsApp. Florencia Freijo ħasbetha for girls' cross paths with & # 39; Rodrigo Eguillor, go in a taxi do not know or leave a skinny f & # 39; Tinder ".

Sharing place WhatsApp is pretty simple, and it can & # 39; & # 39 made by, individual contact or & # 39; group. First you click on the clip button, in the box to write a message, select the option "Post" and then select either toqtolha: 15 minutes, or eight hours.

The location & # 39; WhatsApp, in real time.
The location & # 39; WhatsApp, in real time.

Other options place

Google allows, through its maps, cross-post. To tattivah you open the Google Maps application, touch the menu and select "Share Location" and then "Add people". good detail of the platform is to enable us choose how we compare our place.

"Share your location" function in Google Maps.

If we jiddispjaċna prematurely, we could return to the Share menu and touch Location "delete" on the "X" next to the user who does not want to continue caught that information. The place can & # 39; watched and distributed from mobile phones. Computer can & # 39; only see sites & # 39; those who shared with us. To do this we will use the phone.

Facebook Messenger also offers this option. The system is designed primarily to friends can quickly say "we are f & # 39; park like this" or "we nistennewk f & # 39; this bar", but also Serves to relatives or contacts where they can warn grounds & # 39; security.

The choice
The option "Place & # 39; shares" in the Facebook Messenger.

When crossing place, press the "+" button and choose where, is available for 60 minutes. But it also allows you to stop it if niddeplorawh.

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