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Ritondo talked about "bad police action" and claim & # 39; CTEP to know who killed Society


Ritondo talk about

Ritondo talked about "bad police action" and claim & # 39; CTEP to know who gunned down

The Security Minister Buenosairean, responding to María Eugenia Vidal, Cristian Ritondo, Said the death of the militant Workers Confederation of People's Economy Rodolfo Orellana may have died as a result of & # 39; "bad police action".

Ritondo had to discard "The first part" doctor was talking about injury "Drilling weapon" like what caused the death of & # 39; Orellana.

He stressed that now it is reported that he was killed, as confirmed by the Attorney General & # 39; Buenos Aires Julio Conte Grand.

"There are two hypotheses," said Ritondo: "One is that (the bullet) emerged from the confrontation between two sectors to challenge the usurpation and purchase & # 39; that the land" f & # 39; La Matanza.

Y "The other hypothesis is that wrongdoing police can & # 39; is that cause it" the death & # 39; Orellana.


Secretary General of the Workers Confederation of Popular Economy (CTEP), Esteban "Gringo" Castro, said members & # 39; that organization say that "shot" against militants dead Rodolfo Orellana "became a blonde police worker".

"The commanders and travelers who were there claimed that the shot was made by blonde police officer ', Said Castro, who said that "the police were provoked and b & # 39; clearly."

Speaking with & # 39; FM La Patirada, Castro remarked that that version "we keep it because nemmnuhom".

Castro said a "sector to which it does not go to hell and another to add more fuel to the fire" the social situation.

"There is a government policy that we all know with foreigners, a decision to raise the internal enemy, the repression", He stressed.

Furthermore, he remarked that "There seems to area generating the conditions for social overflow" with & # 39; 'Operations in the vicinity and the decision to shoot b & # 39; lead stamp and kills people ".

B & # 39; this way, it sought "to generate acts & # 39; latest violence". For Castro "government and society sector have vision it resolves the shooting, sticks, and more police repression ".

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