Saturday , December 4 2021

River has everything ready to travel to Madrid


The leaders & # 39; river They are working against the – clock to make of – Copa Libertadores de Amrica – final between – millionaire and Boca plays at the stadium landmark. However, in the final eight days, they shall also prepare a negative result on their appeal to compel the President Nez set to play in & # 39; Santiago Bernabu. Therefore, the club chaired by Rodolfo DOnofrio have everything ready to travel Madrid

the – Delegation Millionaire travel to the Spanish capital next Tuesday night So, will arrive Spain Wednesday afternoon and will be installed in & # 39; hotel some distance from the city center. Is that CONMEBOL, to pay the stay of Argentine clubs in Spain, decided to locate the voting delegation & # 39; Nez f & # 39; location close to Ciudad Real Madrid, where training Millionaire club.

Of & # 39; noted that the costs are to pay the CONMEBOL five people, but the delegation millionaire overcome that number. It's that, in principle, travels 30 player to make the list & # 39; goodwill of the Copa Libertadores. Luciano Lollo, injured, and Borri Rafael Santos, who will not be able to & # 39; play the final because it is suspended, will also be part of the delegation. Therefore, the – members & # 39; river to travel will exceed that laid the body & # 39; t the America & # 39; South.

Beyond that, river will have one of the most important sports complexes in Europe. the – millionaire use the facilities & # 39; Real Madrid in & # 39; Valdebebas training and all before the grand final on Thursday and Friday. While it is foreseen that on Saturday the players indulge in Santiago Bernabu to be able to recognize the playing field of the stadium Merengue.

Fifteen years have passed since the last time Visit in Madrid River. At that time, the Spanish team win the Millionaire 3-1, was led by Manuel Pellegrini, who will coach the Merengue. That day Santiago Solar, the current coach & # 39; Madrid, converted one goal and did not want his past to the club. the – Fanati of Millionaire They hope that this visit does not end with & # 39; a negative result as the last time.

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