Sunday , May 28 2023

Rocío Guirao Díaz set up networks with the most sensual photo: and dedicated to Dalila?


Rocío Guirao Diaz left his mouth open to his followers b & # 39; & # 39 series; photos for heart attack. With bonfire background, blonde shown with black bikini and her body completely added.

The pictures were after his split with singer Dalila, That asking for postcards & # 39; "small matters" that it shares in its networks. "There are details that mother has to take care of her children, Rocío is a model and can & # 39; do what he likes with the body, but I do not, I find it shocking and disrespect to build. I have two teenage children, boys, I know perfectly how to think ", expressed tropical artist in the program PH.

The woman & # 39; Nicolás Paladini accused was macho man and qaletha women should do what jħosshom happy. "I work with my body from a young age, my children have been naturalized, but if they tell are asthma, quit do it", added indignantly.

Rocío Guirao Diaz announced networks.
Rocío Guirao Diaz announced networks.

The controversy has been moved to their respective Twitter accounts, which have been sparks. The model recorded a video asking the mothers & # 39; men to be responsible and do not call 'imbecile' "Explain that your body is yours, you are already an adult, you decide, that hurts & # 39; anyone and the next day is also an adult and makes his body what he wants. "

In turn, the god of bailanta ipprovokatha a phrase her physical: "Watch out for that little body then happen to all of us, tapercito".

Guirao Diaz, god in flames.
Guirao Diaz, god in flames.
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