Wednesday , December 8 2021

Rodrigo Eguillor remains & # 39; in custody and will be subjected to psychiatric tests


The scandal has as protagonist Rodrigo Eguillor add new chapters. The last one consisted of 24 years was arrested in the last hours of & # 39; Tuesday at a police station & # 39; Monte Grande after that insults and complaints to one of the public prosecutors office intervened in & # 39; Lomas de Zamora which was delayed. And it will be submitted to psychiatric skills.

Under you can & # 39; Find Infobae, Man, accused of abusing girl in & # 39; & # 39 department; San Telmo, added a new cause for "restrictions and resistance to authority"Incidents involving UFI No. 3 & # 39; Esteban Echeverría, a few minutes after being delayed by airport security personnel at the airport & # 39; Ezeiza.

According to sources & # 39; the investigation, once the move to force prosecution, Eguillor of insults and aggravations Dr. Verónica Pérez. As a result of the arrest & # 39; these facts, was ordered & # 39; the accused.

Having confirmed the arrest, both Pérez and the chief prosecutor, Juan Baloira, arranged transfer & # 39; Eguillor municipal hospital Santamarina, Esteban Echeverría, for a psychiatric evaluation corresponding

The researchers' intention is to be able to & # 39; corroborate whether the defendant could interpret crimes which is charged.

The young man spent & # 39; in the night & # 39; that hospital and it is expected that today will be assessed by Team personnel & # 39; of & # 39 Internally; Regional Crisis (ERIC). In principle, Eguillor was placed in custody & # 39; two police officers. Police sources confirmed that will be examined by doctors and psychiatrists today morning an order by Dr. Juan Baloira, head of the UFI 3.

The scandal finds the protagonist of & # 39; former public relations & # 39; Boliches exploded Sunday evening, following a complaint from a young woman on social networks. F & # 39; that letter, reference was made to a friend of the protagonist, who claimed to be a victim & # 39; & # 39 attempts; rape by Eguillor in & # 39; apartment in the neighborhood of & # 39; San Telmo.

Within minutes, the face of the man spread on all social networks and even video taken from neighborhood Garin appeared, and showed shadows & # 39; Eguillor and the alleged victim struggling on a balcony. The version held by the man born in & # 39; Banfield was that the girl was trying to commit suicide and was trying jsalvaha.

Eguillor is the son of the prosecutor's criminal enforcement & # 39; Lomas de Zamora Paula Castro Martínez, That & # 39; now ppronunċja himself in public about what happened.

For its part, the person & # 39; 24 same year decided, over two days before his arrest, to come to the public light to give his version of the facts. In principle, he made two downloads through & # 39; live videos on social network & # 39; Instagram. F & # 39; one of them, he suggested that it was too cute to be a rapist.

After the return of the alleged victim & # 39; 22 years, Dr. Eduardo Cubría, Prosecutor of Criminal and Correctional No. 22, imposed a Eguillor with crimes & # 39; "Rape, illegal deprivation of liberty and damage from sexual assault".

Meanwhile, also appeared on the complaint lodged place on 30 & # 39; in November an employee of Casino Buenos Aires, who accused him of harassment. That same complaint that Hah to the Prosecutor's Office No. 3 & # 39; Esteban Echeverría, after Eguillor led raid media before the television channels in the airport entrance & # 39; Ezeiza.

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