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Rodrigo Eguillor: what was the result & # 39; psychiatric expertise – 12/05/2018


The director & # 39; the Hospital Santamarina de Monte Grande, Gabriel Ive, said Clar Rodrigo Eguillor "located in time and space". He is the former husband & # 39; 24 years & # 39; public relations reported by a woman & # 39; 22 years for sexual abuse. The result & # 39; that report, this Wednesday, has already been sent to the prosecutor's office. "It does not require admission," Ive added. So, come & # 39; the psychiatric "alibi".

Moreover, the lawyer Fernando BURLANDO assumed the representation of the woman & # 39; Ituzaingo to it in & # 39; recorded time a neighbor trying to escape from the balcony of the department & # 39; San Telmo where, sure, he tried to have sexual relations with iġġiegħelha without using a condom.

"This is a initial evaluation This means that the team is aware of & # 39; what it says, "says the director, something that, in & # 39; procedural terms, It allows states.

Ive said Eguillor "m & # 39; has pathology that can not be treated on an outpatient basis", ie, in the report sheets on his psikja yes you realize pathology, Though the type that do not require hospitalization.

The officer & # 39; public relations & # 39; before is hospitalized on Tuesday night in the hospital is remaining & # 39; in & # 39; area & # 39; isolation and, although it ended with & # 39; in desperation mode several times, custody prevented going to smoke.

During the morning, I've relates, "he resisted drawing blood, but then he agreed". For those who believe that the attitude of & # 39; Eguillor was staging for the cameras, the doctor clarifies that "appeared the same istrjoniku. Identical. "In fact, he communicated it to him." You are very verbal, I said, and grabbed your attention ", said the doctor, who could not confirm whether Eguillor attakix nurse and police, as happened.

The team & # 39; specialists arrived at 8.30 in the morning to carry out the interviews. He was a psychiatrist, psychologist and social worker. They ended after 11 and 40 minutes after, the report received by the director, who initialed.

During his stay in hospital, Eguillor "did not receive medication, because it was not necessary". With account & # 39; Instagram cod – has two direct claims against accusations & # 39; abuse, the director stressed that "it was not with his mobile phone".

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