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Rosario Altgelt received "Recognition & # 39; outstanding women in business area in 2018" • EconoJournal


The CEO of LATAM Argentina Rosario Altgelt received today "recognition to outstanding women in business scope in 2018", giving distinction for the second time in the country chapter of Women Corporate Directors (WCD) Argentina, with sponsorship & # 39; KPMG is Global Lead Sponsor. Recognition, consisting of statetta, given by Néstor García, Executive Managing Judge & # 39; KPMG in Argentina. "It's pride, honor, and filled the soul to receive this recognition. I love what I do but not least come to these places, it is because it has an accompanying team at different stages & # 39 ; career. I niddedikaha to the incredible team I f & # 39; LATAM, "said Altgelt.

Rosario Altgelt has a degree in Economics from the University & # 39; Buenos Aires and Master & # 39; s Degree in Economics from UCEMA. He has a history & # 39; 19 years at & # 39; LATAM Group of companies, which perform different functions in Argentina, USA and Chile. He had a fundamental role in the process of & # 39; integration in the country between LAN and TAM, and the definition of & # 39; joint commercial strategy aimed at making the most of the synergies generated by the partnership, and a key element for development and the company's business expansion. retention

Rosario Altgelt with the WCD Recognition

F & # 39; December 2015, appointed General Manager & # 39; Argentina LATAM Airlines, which also took the lead subsidiary of Paraguay. The Business Development Institute & # 39; Argentina (IDEA) designating as President of the 54th Colloquium Annual, held at & # 39; last October in & # 39; Del Mar Plata. As & # 39 CEO, LATAM Argentina, f & # 39; October signed the Women's Principles Women Women 2018 (WEP) Women 2018, an entity of the United Nations aimed at promoting gender equality. She has 43 years old, married and has three children.

Gabriela Terminielli, Director & # 39; BYMA and Co-President & # 39; WCD Argentina, was instructed to announce the award. Explained the criteria considered for nomination of candidates. These are: to present CEO, owner, president or director & # 39; Argentina multinational company: to promote gender diversity in the business world; and his career in the business world inspire the business community. The jury was composed by Miguel Gutiérrez, Chairman of the Board & # 39; YPF; Federico PROCACCINI, CEO Openbank Argentina; Néstor García, Executive Managing Partner KPMG; Marcelo Grimoldi, the Argentina Office Office Egon Zehnder; Tamara Vinitzky, KPMG Partners Co WCD; Gabriela Terminielli, Director BYMA Co WCD; and Gabriela Macagni, Director Supervielle Group Co-chair WCD. Similarly, special WCD helped to María TETTAMANTI, Director of Camuzzi Gas Pampeanas; and Gabriela Renaudo, the General Manager of Argentina and Mr. Cono VISA.


Before the award ceremony, the event began with the words & # 39; welcome Miguel Gutiérrez before an audience & # 39; more than 200 representatives of the company. He highlighted the work done WCD on the subject of diversity, which claimed that "the initiative of parity between the sexes has grown a lot in the last year and I think the whole team WCD has done a lot for this the cause. Also the G20 momentum generated number & # 39; initiatives ppermettewna focus on diversity, parity between the sexes, on the change of our companies to make way necessary to achieve it. this happens at all levels of our company.

That is why it is important that our directories continue to work to continue to incorporate more women. YPF is on that road and it is important to give new impetus to that direction. We all commit, by & # 39; organizations such as the WCD, to follow that course as a country, "he said.

From left to right: Federico PROCACCINI, Gabriela Macagni, Marcelo Grimoldi, Altgelt Rosario, Miguel Gutiérrez, Néstor García, Gabriela Terminielli and Tamara Vinitzky.

Tamara Vinitzky, the KPMG Co-Chair of the WCD, opened the meeting by noting that "KPMG we are convinced of the contribution generated by diversity policies at organizations and fundamentally to directories. That is why this year we study with & # 39; Mercado Magazine about 500 companies with the highest turnover in Argentina, which seems to only 8.4% of board members are women; that of the 500 companies, 370 m & # 39; have women directors, and only 12 have a female president. These numbers speak for themselves.

In Argentina WCD striving to create directories and various visionaries, based on the application & # 39; best practices & # 39; corporate governance. This year we participated in the organization of the bag straps, we partner B20 network, doubled our members, we had the satisfaction of global event annually held in NY, one of the five chapters most evolving world in the past year ".

Moderate by Anabel Perrone, Director of YPF Foundation, developed the panel – & # 39; Perso First People & # 39 ;, made by France Marina, CEO of MAE (Mercado Abierto Electrónico) Gabriela Renaudo, General Manager & # 39; Argentina and Cono Mr. VISA; and Rosario Altgelt, CEO & # 39; LATAM Airlines Argentina. When asked about the key challenges as their company leaders, Gabriela Renaudo said that "without a doubt that the economic and political context is very important especially for an international company to explain x & # 39; happening in the country.

I f & # 39; very dynamic industry changed in & # 39; in recent years what has not in the last 10 years. Therefore, much attention has also to be constantly see as the business enters into the dynamics of the new market and I'm especially concerned about new players are & # 39; Disruptive and Emerging b & # 39; constant mode. I also pay much attention to very demanding customer. And, finally, I have a challenge with team work, how to maintain or caught talents, how to make changes. "

On the other hand, Rosario Altgelt said that "the great challenge lies in transforming the airline industry also happens to & # 39; many other industries in the country because it is a cultural issue. I think of our leadership we can change the culture of & # 39; our organizations and this is where I have a day out, in & # 39; very underdeveloped sector, the country can & # 39; flies three times more people than it is today. I believe that transformation will take us ten years and it is therefore important to define each step and can & # 39; measuring these criteria & # 39; success. Today my challenge is cultural transformation & # 39; the my -Organisations to enable & # 39; occupies space here as what is in LATAM & # 39; other countries of the region. "

According to France Marina there are three things that keeping careful. "One is the talent, the team, and my success as CEO of the company depends on my people because if my people succeed I would be. And of course this includes the issue of diversity. The second issue is growing in value, I & # 39; I get customers and my shareholders. and the third point is that there is sustainable growth in & # 39; market, as the Argentine financier, depending heavily on social humor given by the political and economic context. the transformation of & # 39; company to be flexible and adaptable to the circumstances so as not to depend so much on the context, is something that keeps us awake in the role my ".

In response to the question & # 39; Perrone on women's representation in their organizations, France Marina asserted that "is working in construction. The financial industry is & # 39; male nature and women should be given space to bring their feminine qualities to the board because that is what brings about. We are to give space in the EAW and in its directory for diversity. "F & # 39; this topic, Rosario Altgelt said to f & # 39; LATAM Argentina there are about 2,300 people and half are women. "At the level of & # 39; command means the ratio & # 39; excellent women leading maintain traffic operation, and when added in that representation structure drop to 30%. I agree that it work open new spaces and diversity is that each brings and contributes x & # 39; is. in my team we three women but there are also men & # 39; over 60 years, including one who was a pilot in Malvinas ".

Finally, Gabriela Renaudo explained that VISA is also half of women and men, and this percentage decreases as the scales in business structure. "In the panel & # 39; Latin America we are fifty-fifty and this is very good. Diversity is part of our objectives. So take care to f & # 39; shortlist & # 39; finalist for working position there is always at least one woman, then I will choose skills to m & # 39; have to choose for the simple fact of being a woman. it's hard because it's not easy women have positions & # 39; running . "

When asked about how to become number one of their companies, Rosario Altgelt said "I think not received anything, the end is the way, do not feel that is a goal that I have gained, walking inkompla and know the challenges will occur. that is why ngħixxix not object. I always inkoraġġixxejt to accept opportunities and sometimes sought them, everything is way to open doors and reach places you never imagined ". F & # 39; this regard, France Marina added that according to the study magazine & # 39; Forbes, 75% of respondents said it was not their goal to be CEO. "The same thing happened to me. In fact I CEOs in & # 39; one of the positions that I had to do, did x & # 39; I did and the first place was the interest of my company and my team . it has b & # 39; natural way. being number one is a way to stay & # 39; going. I continue to learn every day. "Gabriela Renaudo agreed to & # 39; this definition is not planned to be the CEO of her company. "I always made it with the same passion. I think they have discovered over out that I had the potential to reach as when I found out that there was a position for CEO of VISA and it was my husband who urged and entużjastni niddaħħal myself. During the race you learn to listen to & # 39; advice and asking opinions. It is a continuous path and one should b & # 39; permanently wondering x & # 39; must be done to improve and reach. Neither was panifiqué to become CEO but always resulted in -pożizzjoni where I was.

Finally, the board discussed the importance of women's visibility in & # 39; these positions. For Rosario Altgelt who chairs the IDEA Colloquium was a great decision that I expose myself to. "I did this because IDEA is an organization ppermettietni with absolute freedom to do what I wanted. And in the team rallied together, working hard on our convictions and what we say and contribute. Then that idea of ​​force issued to tell it now. When find adequate space to expose yourself, it's worth doing, and later start spreading in & # 39; places can not imagine. "Similarly, Gabriela Renaudo noted as a leader" we work hard in the exhibition and it is important that the market networking is a professional, and we have the responsibility as CEO & # 39; to look for a company that exhibition with & # 39; meaning. Men make very good and we learn. WCD is a good space for that, "he concluded.

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