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S & # 39; have your colors on Instagram during 2018? This online tool has the answer


Instagram It is a photo album always at your fingertips. Tfittxix in inaccessible drawer or dust off old boxes. Thus, like other social networks, is ideal for balance sheets and projects at the beginning of the year.

Tools for Instagram offers a curious way to review what they left 2018 Year Color which, as its name shows, show us what were our favorite colors this social network.

year colorful

"It's not just about color, but about the memories that generate" says one of the people responsible for this online tool. The mechanics are simple. All photos are reviewed and set on Instagram based thereon, a mosaic with colors x & # 39; most appear in pictures.

The aim is to reflect our presence on the Internet through & # 39; this particular approach. To get the color map just go on the website and log into the account & # 39; Your Instagram. Those responsible for the application to ensure that users have access to information, much less their passwords.

The size of the circles reflects the importance of & # 39; each color in pictures and how
The size of the circles reflects the importance of & # 39; each color in pictures and how "likes" received places.

Also, remember that it is only possible to obtain information on their own account. F & # 39; this sense, unable to know what were the preferred colors & # 39; other users, unless they also have access to tools and reveal tones of their palette.

The – mosaic can & # 39; generated on – base & # 39; Posts on Instagram during 2018, Although it is also possible to request detail based on other periods & # 39; time. For example, last month.

Keep in & # 39; mind that the size of the circles indicates two aspects: how was significant color in the picture and how pleased your followers. "It's a combination of & # 39; focus and content," he explains. The tip one of the creators of the system.

For example, if a picture in which predominates the blue received many "likes", that color has a special prominence in the scheme of points.

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