Monday , November 29 2021

S & # 39; ICO and why it was sued by Floyd Mayweather


The boxer posted by & # 39; twitter that he had obtained the money from one of the Initial Tender Currency (ICO). The SEC understood that an act of & # 39; advertising Mayweather made clear that it was without him.

the – ICO often used to finance new kriptokonanzi, Where the customer is offered "Tokens" in exchange for money. They can be exchanged in the same way as points line & # 39; air, f & # 39; established places.

As operations are not regulated – Governments, Are often considered dangerous and f & # 39 most cases are prohibited.

However, in the case of & # 39; Mayweather the fine is focused on the fact that its repeated dissemination is different ICO without informing was an advertisement.

For this reason, he was punished for placement and will pay a total of & # 39; US $ 600,000, after reaching agreement with the Government.

Mayweather spread publicity of & # 39; Tech Central, Which was at the center of the dispute was marked by the SEC to consider his fraudulent ICO.

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