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S & # 39; it is the chronic necrosis, the painful injury forced Rodrigo Mora quit football – 07/01/2019


Among many laugh, platinum hair and continual joy in River campus having won the Copa Libertadores final to Boca nearly a month ago, there was a moment & # 39; stop. Were the news & # 39; Rodrigo Mora, who on Sunday announced it was withdrawing from football, because of the suffering that was causing the problem of his hip. B & # 39; s strength and great will, he fought and even kkontestah, returned to a good level and won the Copa Libertadores again & # 39; other. But the pain again & # 39; already back and preventing it from playing at the highest level in professional football. S & # 39; is this the hip injury that forced Uruguay to withdraw?

F & # 39; May 2017, after the triumph River (3-1) at Boca f & # 39; La Bombonera, Mora started with & # 39; back pain. F & # 39; then, the first medical report said he suffered from "synovitis of the hip right". He kinesiology and rest. But the pain continued. They have deeper studies. The situation was more complex. Mora had aseptic necrosis in the femur, as confirmed by the club doctor, Pedro Hansing. For that reason, it should have been run. The surgery was on 22 June 2017 and was all in recovery, and long using crutches.

S & # 39; is the aseptic necrosis of femur? "It's blocking & # 39; artery supplying nutrition to the head of the femur, Which is the longest bone in the body and is articulated with hips. It became like a blocked coronary artery can. When this happens, cause pain and m & # 39; no blood supply. Therefore, a cell death, f & # 39; in this case the bone tissue & # 39; that the femoral area, "explained Dr. Norberto Debbag (MN 51.320), cardiologist and sports, coming in UBA, in dialogue with & # 39; Clar.

Mora, a Copa Libertadores, at the end of 2018 celebration (AP).

Mora, a Copa Libertadores, at the end of 2018 celebration (AP).

Although Debbag clarified that there are many cases, especially in & # 39; people between 30 and 50 years, it is also true that this kind of & # 39; injury is rare. And he highlighted the work of his colleagues "The doctors & # 39; River made what belongs. The first rest, crutches, kinesjoloġija, hydrotherapy, and since then the situation did not improve the process led to surgery in which bone was stimulated by drilling, plasma and platelets place to make repairs in the area.

There was also praise for Mora: "He produced the miracle & # 39; re playing in a short time at the highest level. He played several matches, scoring goals. It really made an incredible effort, But unfortunately it was the point where the pain again & # 39; back and was no longer the question to ask professional football ".

But in recent months the pain to let the latest games, including the final of the Copa Libertadores against Boca, again & # 39; back. And this delivery by to take the decision to retire from football.

As you & # 39; follow the story to Mora? "The way, now, is to make the joint rest, with anti-inflammatory and kinesjoloġija and if properly answer you & # 39; to make a normal life. Since it has no impact & # 39; occupation, could & # 39; was what caused the problem, it should be good. And made checks with trawmatoloġisti, "said Debbag.

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