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S & # 39; it's alcohol syndrome and fetal x & # 39; they are its effects: "I Fighting daily b & # 39; symptoms to know that they were totally avoidable"


Rachel and Andy Jackson.

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The fact that her biological mother drank during pregnancy caused physical and mental symptoms in & # 39; Andy and Rachel.

Rachel, age & # 39; 16 years, continued to grow when she was 10. Andy has serious problems & # 39; memory make it difficult for her day. Monday syndrome suffer from fetal alcohol spectrum, group & # 39; disorders due to their mothers drink large amounts of & # 39; alcohol when they were pregnant.

Sharon and her husband, Paul, adopted five children, including Andy and Rachel.

As a child, Andy had attacks & # 39; when I was in panic & # 39; places where there were a lot of people. Moreover, she had difficulty doing & # 39; daily activities such as brushing her teeth: SABETHA difficult to concentrate. He had already been diagnosed with & # 39; fetal alcohol syndrome, although his adoptive mother saying that social services did not paramount.

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When I just Andy, I had attacks & # 39; panic.

The fact that her birth mother left when she was pregnant and caused her physical problems. The end t & # 39; & # 39 down by developed; correct way, but the jaw & # 39; and continued on with kiberx & # 39; as if it was small, so at the age of & # 39; 17 years were working.

The adopted sister Rachel also had problems: it had problems to accelerate its joints and walk long distances. After six years he was diagnosed with the syndrome. Among other things, he suffers disorder & # 39; the deficit & # 39; attention.

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M & # 39; there is no official information on how children are affected by this syndrome, partly because it is often difficult to diagnosis. According to the Mayo Clinic website, defects caused by this syndrome are irreversible.

However, a study by the Center of Addiction and Mental Health in Canada estimates that 119 000 boy and girl b & # 39; fetal alcohol syndrome are born each year worldwide. Among its symptoms are physical defects and problems in the brain and central nervous system, among others.

Syndrome Symptoms alcoholic fetal

  • Head smaller than average
  • bad growth
  • Problems & # 39; movement and coordination
  • Learning difficulties
  • Problems & # 39; behavior and & # 39; attention
  • liver problems, kidney, heart or other organs
  • Problems & # 39; hearing and visual

"We help to the diagnosis of all children who suffer from them and avoid suffering from secondary disorders, such as mental health problems. permanent brain damage, But not a life sentence. With help, they can live a full life, "explains to Sharon, the adoptive mother.

Both Andy and Rachel have mixed feelings when thinking about their birth mothers.

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Rachel had six years when she was diagnosed with & # 39; fetal alcohol syndrome.

"I nissielet daily b & # 39; symptoms to know this they were totally avoidable. It is very difficult, but sometimes I think they do not know x & # 39; was the situation & # 39; c mother or what were his circumstances, "says Andy.

Rachel recognizes that is a mixture of & # 39; feelings: "I feel frustrated and sad, but try to understand why my biological mother can not know the consequences of & # 39; what he was doing, anyway, I live I know that day by different because one person made a mistake. "

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