Saturday , May 21 2022

Santa Fe: he issued his stepson a year and a half against the asphalt because they shouted and killed


Baby & # 39; years and eight months died this morning after he entered a hospital with severe head trauma and his servant & # 39; 21 years was arrested, judicial sources and & # 39; security from the Security Ministry have been reported & # 39; Santa Fe.

The fact was reported by doctors who were at work at the hospital & # 39; Gamen in the city & # 39; Santa Gobernador Galvez, located 10 kilometers south of the city & # 39; Rosario, sources & # 39; Telam.

Baby & # 39; years and eight months was included in the health center by her mother, identified as Noelia Z. (20) and doctors found that the child had severe head trauma that led to arrest cardio- respiratory Death was little product after arriving at the health center.

After the accident the intervistew investigators the baby owner, identified as Brian F. (21), who first stated that the creature fell out of her arms twice when I tried to tikkalmah shouted a lot but after many contradictions ended while claimed to have left twice against the asphalt, and therefore was arrested, published Clar.

The fact is investigated by the prosecutor & # 39; intentional homicide on the part of & # 39; Rosario, Pairolla Georgina, who ordered the household survey where the event occurred, located in the path of 2-2200 & # 39; Villa Gobernador Galvez and practice & # 39; tests for alcohol and alcohol. Breathalyzer the mother and father.

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