Wednesday , December 8 2021

Scientists discover new method to reverse baldness


AndTeam & # 39; researchers led by scientists from the School of Medicine at the University & # 39; New York identified paths & # 39; molecular signaling to prevent hair growth on the injured skin, which can help in the search for better drugs to reverse baldness, and GEN reported.

In the study, scientists activated the track & # 39; signaling & # 39; sonic hedgehog (SHH) used by cells to communicate with & # 39; other. It is known that the track is very active during early human growth stages in the uterus, where hair follicles form, but stagnate in the skin injured in & # 39; adult b & # 39; health.

"We have identified that the activation of the SHH pathway again & # 39; install dermal regenerative niche, called dermal papilla, which is necessary and sufficient for columns & # 39; hair follicles (HFN)".

"Our results show that stimulation of fibroblasts by Sonic the Hedgehog pathway can & # 39; activate the hair growth before seen in the wounds' healing, said principal investigator study Mayumi Ito, Ph.D. Professor of the Dermatology Department at the Health Center & # 39; Langone associated with & # 39; University & # 39; New York.

The researcher said that she hopes to work help achieve its main objective, which is the return of mature skin in its embryonic state can & # 39; produce new hair follicles not only in event & # 39; injured skin, but also in & # 39; people remained bald by aging.

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