Wednesday , May 25 2022

Scientists plan to prepare a spicy tomato


The peppers and tomatoes chillies may soon be united as one if scientists have their way with nutritious fruit.

Researchers propose that genetic engineering say that their goal is not to start a new culinary fad – though this is not completely off the table.

Their primary goal is to create lighter device & # 39; production & # 39; large quantities of & # 39; capsaicinoids for commercial purposes.

The kapsajiċinojdi many found in chillies pepper to nutritional properties and antibiotics and drugs used in pain killers – and pepper spray.

"Their multiple health benefits make kapsajiċinojdi valuable nutraceutical product, that & # 39; likely increase in demand in the coming years," scientists write in & # 39; an article & # 39; opinion Journal Trends in Plant Science.

The chillies and tomatoes are some of the same DNA because they are long lost cousins, from an evolutionary perspective, separated from a common ancestor about 19 million years ago.

The sequencing of the genome pepper chillies and tomatoes discovery that genes required for pungenza pave the way for engineering spicy tomato.

With the latest methods & # 39; technical & # 39; editing gene, can & # 39; possible, though & # 39; challenge to start the tomato in spice, says senior author Agustin Zsogon, plant pathologist at the Federal University & # 39; Vicosa in Brazil.

Food lovers take note: these researchers also say that could lead to the development of some new varieties of products in the grocery line.

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