Tuesday , September 27 2022

Sebastián Presta: "Before dying, my cousin told me it was" down "because he could not pay taxes"


"Do not like shit … what is happening, I'm sad," he said. Sebastián Presta on the current economic crisis affecting the purchasing power of & # 39; several argentine. "In my case, I arrived at the end of the month, but it was not his brother, not my family, my friends do not", Explained the actor and comedian in an interview with the program DNA, federal journalism which is broadcast from C5N screen.

Also, Presta raised beautiful episode happened when loved. "It's strange what I am going to say … My cousin died two weeks ago and the last thing he said to his children was: "Do not nasalx to pay taxes". He called for help, and was bonnets downsizing with & # 39; this theme. "

Witnesses of & # 39; Sebastián Presta (Video: "ADN", C5N)

Well, remember when a few years ago it had character Luis Pedro Ajustoni, A man who has something to save money. The sketch of & # 39; humor was part of the cycle Hard & # 39; DOMAR, Which was then driven Roberto Petinatto on Channel 9 screen.

"That character made toys to keep f & # 39; January 2006. We never thought to be so current, chapter I remember the most. a & # 39; this character was when I bought chicken nuggets because they could not buy roast", Concluded Presta.

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