Tuesday , July 27 2021

Sector suspicious First Foundation Project Reef Barrier

The first announcement of a project by the Great Barrier Reef Foundation since been controversial grant of $ 443 million, was labeled exercise dual management by conservationists, and again & # 39 others, raise doubts about the legitimacy grant funding.

The foundation announced Monday its first project gives Australian of the Marine Science Institute (AIMS) $ 574 000, through ReefTrust partnership created by the government, to make health survey & # 39 ; 25 day & # 39; remote parts of the reef.

In addition to the grant from the GBRF, the AIMS also put $ 833 000 of its own money to finance the trip & # 39; research which will monitor the potential bleaching, indicating that the surviving coral developed greater tolerance warmer waters.

The managing director of GBRF Anna Marsden said that the findings of the survey will be used to inform future monitoring, and not be able to walk & # 39; forward without the government investment.

"The foundation looks forward to achieve our objectives over the lifetime membership," said Marsden.

The – announcement – follow project release & # 39; & # 39 report; audit, Which found that the government was insufficient scrutiny applied for the grant process.

Lissa Schindler, manager of the Great Barrier Reef of the Australian Marine Conservation Society campaign (ACMS), told Pro Bono News while any work or research on how to save and preserve the reef was well received, the money għax- work of AIMS did not come from the foundation.

"This is an ongoing project that really m & # 39; is in need of funds from the foundation. It should be funded by the government, "said Schindler.

She said that they were given dollars to taxpayers that the government agency has been receiving, it should be managed by the government itself.

"Really for me to me that government agencies must go in & # 39; this private organization requesting money. These are dollars that taxpayers, who should really be managed by the government, "she said.

"It's just double handling."

Shadow Environment Minister, Tony Burke also criticized the move, saying a Pro Bono News AIMS has always been one of the agencies was supposed to be financed directly, rather than going to a private organization.

"It's a bad thing that had to request permission AIMS & # 39; a small private foundation to be able to access the taxpayer funds to take care of the reef," said Burke.

He said that the entire government was made by of the foundation funds was to give him the right to bring cash for fees & # 39; the management, the audit revealed can & # 39; be & # 39; $ 86 million.

If elected, he said Labor calls all remaining funds and interest be returned.

"Then we will advise of the department & # 39; the environment of reallocate the remaining funds better every cent goes to the shelf", he said.

Schindler said that while the ACMS has support money were returned to the government, it was important to fund went to manage the money for the public good.

"If Labor comes in the next federal election, we do not want to see that money taken back and then sit there and do nothing," she said.

"There was a lot of controversy around the foundation and then receive this money, and at the end of the day we want to see the reef protected and well managed."

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