Monday , January 24 2022

Security admitted "failures" in operation but pointed to River bar


The Security Secretary of the city & # 39; Buenos Aires, Marcelo D & # 39; Alessandro, said the attack received from the coach to bring to campus & # 39; Boca Juniors was due to "failure" in the operation and made violent episodes outside the Monumental stadium & # 39; & # 39 with Núñez; the attack carried out in the home of the leader of the barrabrava & # 39; River Plate, which have been peeled and seven card 300 & # 39; million pesos.

Speaking to news channel TN, the official said that "Obviously the struggle taking place against the football mafia has this effect; because one thing is aggression towards micro and other thing is these violent people who want to come to cast stones without & # 39 ;, to continuously perform acts & # 39; violence ".

"Obviously there are security deficits (regarding aggression to Boca micro), f & # 39; this feeling create administrative summary, be investigated and will have the corresponding report and will be held responsible for those who could not find the -dmir had to do, was to take care of the campus entry to the stadium ", he said.

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